Who is RIMA?

Who is Rima?

Living on tropical islands, Mr.Rima was never quite impressed with the selection of the regular Hawaiian shirts that were offered in the market. The material wasn't up to the mark. The fit didn't cut it for him. The time spent drying and ironing the shirts after each use felt like a waste of valuable time. He wanted something he could live in. A shirt that truly spoke of excellence in every aspect. Since he had immaculate knowledge of fabrics, he decided to experiment creating a unique fabric blend for his custom shirt.
In 1992, he created the first Rima Beach Shirt: built to stay cool even in the hottest summer days, almost wrinkle free & provided more than enough comfort.
Before long, his friends and family demanded to have one made for them! It was only a matter of time before Mr. Rima launched his own beach wear company to mark a beginning of a new era in beachwear.
Over the years, more than 40,000 product variants were added turning Rima Beach World into a worldwide brand !

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